Get to Know…Greg Kulak of Greg’s Barber Shop

What sets your business apart? 

Our shop has been serving our local community for over 90 years – first at the corner of Glenview Rd. and Lehigh and in our current location since 1967 as Bob’s Barber Shop and now Greg’s Barber Shop. It’s been a local favorite for generations. 

Why Glenview?

I didn’t plan to be in Glenview but I’m glad to be here. I left Boston in 1995 and received a very good work offer from Bob’s Barber Shop. In 2003 I bought the business from Bob and have worked my way into a successful family-friendly business.

You might be surprised to know…

All of my staff coincidentally are from Europe (Poland, Hungary and Russia). We are the perfect example of an American melting pot.

Favorite Quote

The bad news is there aren’t many true barber shops left. The good news is the Greg’s Barber Shop is still around.