2020 January Newsletter


Back to Basics

Welcome 2020! We’re celebrating the new year with a new look. We hope you enjoy the new design of our newsletter as we continue to bring you timely insights about our Downtown. There have been some dominating issues Downtown, which have resulted in our Steering Committee having some lengthy discussions/debates about our collective position. Below you will find our statement about the proposed design for the former Bess site. Our vision for our Downtown has not changed since our formation nearly three years ago, and our focus remains clear. FDG is here to encourage community, design and business in our Downtown that will benefit all residents of Glenview.

FDG Urges Increased Setback for Bess Site Redevelopment

Friends of Downtown Glenview (FDG) is dedicated to creating a lively downtown gathering place with an enhanced sense of community. The proper redevelopment of the former Bess site is key to that mission. For this project to best serve the entire community we believe it needs a sufficient setback from Glenview Road to allow a streetscape with pedestrian-friendly spaces and attractive vistas (as demonstrated in this photo of Midtown Square/Glenview Grind). FDG strongly urges the Plan Commission and Village Board to require a substantially increased setback for the redevelopment of this downtown anchor property. For more information on the importance of setbacks in creating an attractive, viable streetscape, please click here: https://downtownglenview.org/b

**The Village Plan Commission is having what could be its final meeting about plans for the former Bess Hardware site on Tuesday, Jan. 28 at 7pm at Village Hall. Public attendance and comments are encouraged.

Twelve Tone Music School Hitting All the Right Notes

The former Rock House space is renovated and filled with music again. Husband and wife owners, Erin and John Lonergan, and 25 teachers offer both group and private lessons on guitar, bass guitar, piano/keyboard, drums, voice, and fiddle. Students are taught multiple genres ranging from rock to jazz to current hits and songwriting. Young students can test out multiple instruments in an “Intro to Music” class and beginner/intermediate students can take small group lessons with flexible scheduling and affordable pricing. The option for adding in a “jam class” is available to those students not ready to join a performance band, but are interested in playing music with others and having fun. More advanced students have the option to take private lessons and join a “performance band” that performs at outside events and festivals.

Twelve Tone has 10 lesson rooms and an in-house stage for monthly concert/recitals. Visit https://www.twelvetonemusicschool.com to learn more about current offerings and to sign-up for summer camps.

1. What sets your business apart?

City Kid Theatre Company is unique because we concentrate on the young
performer by offering a safe and creative atmosphere that is very conducive to
learning as well as feeling “right at home.” Our students range from three
years old to twelve. They are introduced to musical theatre, comedy and
improv by learning memorization skills, lyrics and choreography. Our intimate
stage lets the audience enjoy a city-like “storefront theatre” in town while
experiencing often magical performances by the children.

2. Why Glenview?

The company is named “City Kid” due to the fact that I was born and raised on
the north side of Chicago, where I fell in love with theatre when I first set foot
on stage at age five. I later moved to Glenview with my husband, Danny, who
is a Glenview native. We have lived here for 30 years and raised our family of
three here. We are very proud to be part of this great community.

3. You might be surprised to know…

City Kid Theatre throws the most amazing parties at night for grown ups. We
offer fun-filled karaoke or events that showcase an entertainer. We have a
variety of events for all ages and look forward to many more in the New Year!
4. What’s your favorite quote?
“Some say as we grow up, we become different people, at different ages…but I
don’t believe this. I think we remain the same throughout, merely passing in
these years from one room to another…but always in the same house. If we
unlock the rooms of the past, we can look inside and see ourselves becoming
who we are.” – M. Barrie, author of “Peter Pan”.