2020 March Newsletter

March Madness

Like many of you, FDG is trying to process the current events in our greater community and world. But as we wait and wonder about how COVID-19 will affect Glenview in the future, we remain focused on the things that will improve our Downtown for years to come. Last week the Village Board approved the Drake Group’s plans for the former Bess Hardware Site. Next, the Village Appearance Commission will fine tune and possibly approve the design details. As we have done since the first plans were presented in June 2018, FDG has compiled educational information for public and Village consideration.  This document provides background information about how the proposed mural for the west facade (pictured here) could be altered for a more engaging look. We believe design details will make a difference in the success of the project which will impact our overall goal of creating a vital Downtown. The project as proposed is slated for the Village Appearance Commission’s final review. FDG will provide updates on the date for this important meeting since the Village is suspending all public meetings until April 5 due to COVID-19. The next Appearance Commission meeting is the last chance to address essential aspects of the design.

Refreshing Addition to Downtown

Blended Health & Smoothie Bar will be opening in Olympia Square in the space next to Subway in early Summer 2020. You can follow their progress and offerings on Instagram and Facebook (@BlendedGlenview) leading up to opening day.

Al Fresco at Forza

Forza has applied for an outdoor dining permit with the Village of Glenview. The butcher/market/overall gem is hoping to have a handful of tables outside its front doors and in the breezeway adjacent to the shop where patrons can enjoy their food in the great outdoors. Let the Spring/Summer dreaming begin!

Remember to Vote!

Glenview Village Hall, 2500 East Lak​e Avenue, is serving as an early voti​ng location for the March 17 Presidential Primary Election. Early voting will take place until March 16 with the following schedule:
  • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. March 2 through 7; March 14; and March 16
  • 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. March 8 and March 15
  • 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. March 9 through 1
More info: https://www.glenview.il.us/Pag…

Get to Know… Twelve Tone Music School

What sets your business apart?

Our focus is community. We have an incredible team of 25 gifted and passionate instructors and 10 lesson rooms. Many of our instructors are multi-instrumentalists and can teach more than one instrument at a high level. We also have our own stage in-house so we can easily host monthly concerts and recitals giving our students the ability to perform as much as possible for family and friends. This is what we are all about! We teach all styles of music from rock to jazz to folk, you name it. Our main goals are to embrace creativity and show our students how music is truly created, which includes how to write their own songs, improvise, as well as read music and play the popular tunes that they love.

Why Glenview?

Glenview is an amazing town for kids to grow up and has a very close-knit vibe. My husband John started his first businesses, Big Blue Swim School & Big Blue Aquatics, out of the OLPH pool right in downtown Glenview in 2009. Glenview has always been kind to us and has been a part of our lives for the last 10 years!  We love downtown Glenview and are excited to be back in the neighborhood and be a part of the next decade of growth.

You might be surprised to know…

We are customers of our own business as we have an 8 year old son and a 5 year old daughter both in music lessons. Our son takes guitar and he also does the Jam Class. Our daughter just started drum lessons and also wants to sing. I play piano and my husband plays guitar so at some point we will have our own family band!  I am always thinking of band names for the future….

What’s your favorite quote?

“There is no such thing as failure, really, because failure is just that thing trying to move you in another direction. So you get as much from your losses as you do from your victories. Because the losses are there to wake you up. Life is bigger than any one experience.” – Oprah