Get to Know… Cathy Schiltz of Glenview Grind

What sets your business apart

We are genuine in everything we do. As an independent coffee house, we are all about the community and making it not just about great products, also about a great experience. Our team really makes an effort to connect with our guests. We want to make their day and serve fabulous locally roasted coffee.

Why Glenview

I raised my four boys in Glenview and have lived here for eighteen years. I am passionate about this community and that is why I am a part of the Friends of Downtown Glenview. I wanted the Glenview Grind to be located in the heart of our downtown, to serve the community that I know and continue to meet more people everyday.

You might be surprised to know…

My first passion was to be a nurse. I went to nursing school, worked at Evanston Hospital for many years and then was a stay at home mom after my twins were born. I worked at one of the very successful coffee chains while my kids were growing up, which is where I learned about coffee. During some difficult life transitions, the opportunity to have my own coffee shop was presented and I took it. We were first located down the street at the corner and then we designed, built and moved to this new drive-thru location in Midtown Square.

My Favorite Quote:

“You’ll always miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky