Leadership Team old 05_19_2020

FDG John

Governance -
John Hedrick

Coordinates Steering Committee and organizational structure including government relations.

FDG neela

Events -
Neela Johnston

Manages and supports existing events and initiates future FDG activities and events.

FDG jenny

Communications - Jenny Courtad

Builds enthusiasm via community outreach including website, social media, and monthly newsletter.

FDG Patty

Communications -
Patti Tobin

Builds awareness and enthusiasm via public relations including website and social media.

FDG Sarah

Design -
Sarah Hill

Monitors and provides feedback on infrastructure improvements to ensure quality streetscape enhancements.


Design -
Tom Pins

Monitors and reviews historic features and architecture to ensure quality streetscape enhancements.

FDG Natasha

Neighborhoods -
Natasha O'Connor

Supports resident involvement and local realtor and real estate considerations.

FDG Susan

Finance & Treasury - Susan Donatello

Treasury, general accounting, fundraising coordination, and financial reporting.

FDG keith

Technology -
Keith Johnston

Designs and implements information and communications support systems.

FDG Jerry Brown

Civic Partners - Geraldine Brown

Establishes relationships with downtown institutions, including Library, History Center, Park District and places of worship.

FDG Greg

New Business Events - Greg Goodsitt

Works with merchants for major civic events and fosters economic development.

FDG Cathy

Business Relations - Cathy Schiltz

Works to strengthen relations with merchants for ongoing business events and new Downtown activities.

FDG Shawn

Administration -
Shawn Eshoo

Manages meeting plans and organizational record keeping.

FDG Brad

Business Events -
Brad Niedermaier

Serves as liason for major events and business fundraising.

FDG Megan

General Counsel - Megan McClung

Advises regarding organizational, legal, and zoning issues.

FDG Robyn

Corporate Relations -
Robyn Clark

Provides advice on issues from corporate perspective.