Downtown Revitalization Faces New Twists and Turns

The headlines in recent weeks have been filled with news on important national issues.  Those issues and events continue to be top of mind.  However, there have also been a number of recent developments that affect the downtown Glenview business district.

At the most recent Board of Trustees’ meeting, the Board initiated the process to develop a new revitalization plan for downtown.  This includes a moratorium on new business development while the new plan is being formulated.  The revitalization plan and moratorium will not affect previously approved projects such as the plans for 1850 Glenview Rd. (also known as the Drake/Bess project).  The next step is for the Plan Commission to take consideration of the proposed moratorium. 

Meanwhile, on June 2, a suit was filed on behalf of the residents of Station Place, contesting the Village’s actions in approving the plans.  While we cannot comment on any pending litigation, FDG has always been about community collaboration.  We hope that any lawsuit will reach a quick resolution.

FDG welcomes the Village’s attention and focus on our downtown business district.  We look forward to any opportunity to assist in the process.  As more details emerge, we will continue to keep you informed.