General Info

What is FDG’s primary purpose?


FDG is focused on revitalizing our traditional “main street,” creating a lively Downtown that we can be proud of.


How are you doing that?


We support existing businesses and institutions as well as encourage new growth. We work closely with merchants and organizations to actively promote Downtown happenings. And we help shape design improvements to make Downtown more attractive.


When was FDG founded?


The first organized group meetings began in late 2017, when a Steering Committee of dedicated residents was formed. We’ve grown rapidly since.


What are the boundaries of Downtown Glenview?


Essentially, Downtown is defined by Glenview Road from the Library on the West to Waukegan road on East, and Waukegan Road, from Kraft-Heinz on the South to Lake Avenue on the North edge.

Tell me about FDG’s leadership


FDG Founder John Hedrick is an attorney and planning consultant who has a background in local government and business, and urban design from working with other successful suburban downtowns. He recruited other experienced professionals with expertise in community building, design, marketing, technology, events, civic institutions and more. All are highly motivated volunteers. And we are always looking for more.


What are some specific examples of projects FDG has helped facilitate?


We have helped support the openings and expansion of several new Downtown businesses, including Forza Meats, Ten Ninety Brewery and Misericordia Sweet Shoppe. We also hosted Mingle Before Music, a community event to kick off the summer concert season. And, we eagerly lend a hand at several merchant-sponsored community events.


Does FDG have members?


We have no formal “membership” at this point; rather we’re a dedicated core group of volunteers who lend their time and talents on an ongoing basis plus other volunteers who contribute on a project basis. Many of our Downtown merchants also actively participate. Plus, we have almost 2K followers on FB/Instagram (and have reached 70K for some posts) and more than 800+ have subscribed to our newsletter.



How is FDG funded?

So far FDG has been self-funded by its leaders through personal donations of needed skills and financial contributions. Moving forward, we are planning to finance further expansion for particular projects and events through more active fund raising.


Explain your non-profit status?


FDG is foremost an educational organization to demonstrate the value of community improvements and “placemaking.” In that sense, we are also an advocacy group for related improvements. But we are not a political or lobbying organization.


What about your status for tax and regulatory purposes?


We are considered a charitable organization in that we are dedicating our efforts to public and civic purposes. To date, FDG has been operating as an affiliate of the Scenic Illinois NFP state organization (which years ago had sponsored “beautification” efforts in Glenview) and which is a registered 501(c)3 for tax exempt solicitation purposes. Moving forward, FDG is working on incorporating as a separate 501(c)3 entity.


Collaboration With Other Entities


How does FDG work with local government, Village, Park District and civic organizations?


By collaboration, communication, and coordination. Early on we reached out to establish relationships with each of these major influencers, especially the Village, Park District, Library, History Center and OLPH, which occupies a major stretch of Downtown. Our Team liaisons maintain ongoing contact to ensure we are on top of new developments and can help shape outcomes in the best interest of Downtown.


How do you work with local businesses?


Our Business Team is made up of local business proprietors. It works directly with Downtown merchants to build positive relationships. It also partners with the Glenview Chamber of Commerce on Downtown-focused projects. In addition, we actively promote merchant-sponsored happenings through social media, our newsletter and our website.


Is FDG associated with any political organizations?


No. We’ve made a conscious effort to remain apolitical while working constructively with Village boards and commissions.


Why do we need a separate organization – isn’t the Village
and the Chamber of Commerce doing this already?


Most successful towns have a Downtown organization solely focused on the core business district. The Village and Chamber are committed to the overall health of our very large Glenview community, while FDG zeros in on the specific needs of Downtown.


Aren’t you creating conflict with The Glen?


That is definitely not our intent. Many towns have multiple shopping districts that successfully coexist. While The Glen is primarily populated by larger chain businesses, Downtown is home to smaller independent merchants and restaurants. It also has a unique charm and identity, which FDG works to maintain and improve.


Connecting With FDG


How can I learn more about FDG and new developments in Downtown?


Connect with us on Facebook (insert link) and Instagram (insert link), plus visit our website at www.downtownglenview.org. While you’re there sign up for our monthly newsletter.


How can I get involved?


We are always looking for new volunteers, new ideas, or suggestions. You can sign-up at the green button below or drop us a note at the green button below:

We’d love to hear from you.