Village Election

Village Election/Downtown Updates


(Statement of Position for Upcoming Elections and the Downtown Business District)

The Friends of Downtown Glenview is a narrowly focused interest group created to promote the health, vibrancy, and success of Glenview’s downtown business district. We are not aligned with any particular political party and as a 501(c)3 organization, we do not engage in political campaigns.  However, as the only organization dedicated solely to downtown, we have an important role in providing education and developing community consensus. 

The upcoming elections for Village President and Board of Trustees is an important inflection point for Glenview. The newly composed board will be receiving the results of the Glenview Connect discussions and recommendations from the consultants to revitalize downtown.  We are participating in those discussions and look forward to seeing the recommendations. 

In evaluating their choices, Glenview residents will look at many factors in addition to concerns for downtown. FDG believes the following factors should take precedence:

-The Downtown deserves a dedicated interest group funded by the Village government to attract, promote, and market for the downtown district. Additionally, this entity could organize cross promotional opportunities and events.  This interest group could be a part of government, a subset of the Chamber of Commerce, or a private group like FDG.  

-The Village should consider creating a Development position within the Village government to proactively recruit new businesses to downtown and all Village business districts.  Simply setting the stage for development through zoning has not resulted in the desired change downtown. A more proactive approach is required.

As the only citizen’s group dedicated to downtown, we will continue to participate in all avenues open to the public to influence change.  It is crucial that Glenview residents also participate by voting for the candidates that best reflect our hopes for an exciting and vibrant future.